Queens Rockfest 2023 

Queens Rockfest 2023 



2023 Line Up 🎶




JULY 9, 2023



Paul Terror: Lead Vocals

Drums:Wild Bill Sherman

Bass (since June 2020)Mike de Gruchy:

Guitar (since February 2017)

Brian White: Guitar (since April 2021)

Terror Garden is an American hard rock/heavy metal band from Long Island, NY, citing influences ranging from 1970's classic hard rock to today's modern metal scene. Paul Terror and Gee have been present since its inception in 2010.The band's 9-song debut album, 'Specimen Cup', was independently released on October 12th, 2015. Produced & recorded by the band’s very own Tony Cianciotto, the disc contained all of the group’s composed material since the beginning (including songs co-written by former bassists Butch Quinones and Scott Siebert).In September 2016, Terror Garden was featured on Verizon Fios1's 'Rising Stars' special promo. Only a few months later, in February 2017, Mike de Gruchy was added to the lineup to round out a more permanent 5-piece formation.'Karma & Chaos', the band's 2nd independent effort, was released on May 25th, 2018. Three of the 8 songs were re-recordings from the 'Specimen Cup' album: 'Deep', 'Out Of My Head' and 'Shut Up & Buy Me A Drink'. Produced by Terror Garden and Peter R. Pizzo Jr. (Crescent Sound Studios, Farmingdale, NY), it has received critical acclaim amongst their peers and across the Long Island music scene.Most of 2019 was spent touring in support of 'Karma & Chaos' and composing new original material. Studio sessions commenced in November 2019 throughout March 2020. During this timeframe, both Tony Cianciotto and Johnny Wildchild departed the group shortly after recording their respective tracks. Wild Bill Sherman officially replaced Tony Cianciotto on bass in June 2020.The band's 3rd independent album, 'Keep It Real', was finally released on September 6th, 2020. Just like their previous output, it contains 8 songs produced by Peter R. Pizzo Jr., including a bonus track cover of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” (physical CD version only).After over a year touring with Mike de Gruchy as the sole guitarist, in April 2021, Brian White officially became the newest member, returning Terror Garden to a 5-piece formation again. The quintet used the next year and a half to tour throughout the tri-state area, all while simultaneously writing/recording a 4th album. With a combined production effort of Peter R. Pizzo Jr. (Crescent Sound Studios) and ex-guitarist Billy Pfister (Westfall Studios), the 9-song 'Psychotic Disorderly Magick' offering is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 4th, 2023.More than a full decade into the game, extensive touring, strong material and a rapidly increasing fanbase have made Terror Garden one of the premiere hard rock/heavy metal artists on the rise to watch. Follow all the band's social media outlets for the latest updates. 



KILL THE SUN is an alternative groove-metal band from Long Island and Pennsylvania. Hard-driving and melodic, the band draws inspiration from all over the music spectrum, with roots that span 80’s metal to NY hardcore, 90’s alternative, thrash and even Brit pop, with favorites including Life of Agony, Pantera, Van Halen, Anthrax, and Clutch. Established in 2017, KTS is comprised of Cesartheczar Perez on guitar, English Dave Reilly on vocals, Jay Catropa on drums, and Chris Yee on bass. Cliff Catropa is the vocal stunt double. KTS often frequents the stages of the Long Island and Queens music scenes, and have supported bands like L.A. Guns, Dio Disciples, and When The Deadbolt Breaks. That Metal Show’s Don Jamieson once introduced them as “a bunch of wankers,” affectionately of course, while hosting one of the Blackthorn 51 (RIP) shows. Find KTS on Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram, give them a like/follow, and make some noise at the next show! There’s a good chance you’ll find them eating tacos at 2am in Corona. “Dive bars and pointy guitars forever!” -KTS



Nebulus is an original modern hard rock band from NYC. A four piece band of fiery musicianship. The band consists of Emilie Bienne on lead vocals, Jack Macco on Guitar, Enrique Mancia on Bass and SalChi on Drums. With a heavy guitar sound, they are cited as possessing a modern hard rock and heavy metal approach, and yet they also possess the influences of country, blues, folk and electronic music. The band are returning to the studio soon to record an EP of new material with Epps Records and will be appearing in May at the Montauk Music Festival 2023, followed by the Memorial Weekend Ronkonkoma Festival, and leading up to the Queens RockFest sponsored by FM radio station Q104.3. We are ecstatic to be performing at the Queens Rock Fest!


The PLAINE TRUTH Born on the streets of New York City, The Plaine Truth brings together rock ‘n roll and 70’s soul into a classic sound of its own. Blending massive hooks, killer guitar riffs and driving rhythms, the band is creating modern anthems that grab rock fans everywhere.


“BOWHEAD is a collective of 5 audio insurgents from NYC. Dead set on delivering an unhealthy dose of heavy, non conformist fusion punk.”


HONEY TRAP is a fierce 4-piece, female-fronted hard rock band, hailing from the bustling streets of New York City. Formed in 2014, their signature sound is a unique blend of sensual, yet edgy vocals over melodic guitar, groovy bass licks, and heavy-hitting drum beats.
In 2015, Honey Trap made their mark with the release of their debut EP, "Four Play," which was recorded by Steve Albini (producer of Nirvana's "In Utero" album) and mastered by 4-time Grammy nominee Joe Laporta. The EP showcased the band's raw talent and quickly caught the attention of music critics and fans alike.
Since then, the group has been on a non-stop journey of creating new content and delivering electrifying performances at various venues and festivals across the United States. With a loyal and growing fanbase, the band continues to captivate audiences with their high-energy stage presence and infectious rock anthems.
Now, Honey Trap is gearing up for their next big release, with the help of legendary producer/engineer David Schiffman (known for his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down, and Mars Volta). Their latest single, "Dollhouse," is set to drop by late summer 2023, and promises to be a bold and dynamic addition to the band's already impressive discography.
With their unwavering passion for music and creating unforgettable performances, Honey Trap is a band to watch out for. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new creative horizons is a testament to their commitment to the art of rock and roll, and it's only a matter of time before they make their mark on the global music scene.


When it comes to REPPIN Queens (with roots in Astoria, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens) look no further than NYC’s own Crucial band POINT BLANK a sonic force mixing early 80's NYHC and Punk, with new breed aggressiveness.


Newly established Classic Rock cover Band currently auditioning Singers. 

Taking the stage for the first time on an instrumental project. The Trio includes producer and promoter of QRF since 2018, George Wasek, Lead and Rhythm guitar, Vince and Bass, vocals and keys; Vito A. 

This band does not disappoint! 

Special guest, Victoria Grace Miller

In 2022, As a special treat, Producer, George Wasek, performed with niece and bassist, Victoria Grace Miller, from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. 

Your MC Eddie Fee
Your MC Eddie Fee

Who is That Man?      Its You're MC!       Eddie Fee


Eddie is thrilled to MC The Second Annual Queens Festival. 

After winning the North American Championship on the Piano-Accordion in Irish Music, Eddie hung up his accordion for his love of guitar and started taking classes at age 14 and has since performed live in numerous venues; among them, with his long-time friend George Wasek, the drummer of Damsel, in the band The-Unknowns. 

Eddie is currently Producing and Acting in films such as Interference, Angelfish and Little Charlotte's Unexpected Return. 

Eddie has studied Playwriting under the auspices of Julie McKee at HB Studio for the last year. After submitting and being accepted into the Pat and Julie Collaboration Project, Molotov Cocktail- a One Act Play was performed at the Playwright's Theatre at HB Studio in November of 2018, Directed by Burak Tatar. At the urging of Burak, Molotov was submitted and accepted for the Winter One Act Play Competition at the MRT. Molotov Cocktail was also accepted to Perform in the Summerfest One Act Play festival being held in the Hudson Guild Theatre in July 25th, 26th, and 28th.